TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow (Season 2)

By | April 8, 2017

*Contains minor spoilers*

A major improvement from the lackluster first season, “Legends of Tomorrow” shows signs of becoming one of the better comic book-based shows in its second season. However, it still can’t quite keep from straying into a mess at times. 

The overall plot this season is better executed. After a bit of a bait and switch that seems to downplay the JSA tease at the end of season one, the show settles into its new status quo. The concept now finds the team fixing “abortions” in time, which begins to tie into the overall story arc pitting the Legends against the Legion of Doom.

The characters Captain Cold, Vandal Savage, Hawkman and Hawkgirl were written out at the end of last season. Replacing them are a 1940’s era Vixen and Commander Steel. (Just called Steel here.) Both are good additions to the cast and have strong chemistry with each other and the other members of the team. In fact, with less Rip Hunter, the entire team has finally become a cohesive unit. The previously introduced villains, Reverse Flash, Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn are great additions. Each was a strong enemy to either The Flash or Green Arrow and make a legitimate threat for the Legends. The group of bad guys isn’t as impressive as it should be at first, but a late season episode allows them the gel and makes them formidable, and in some ways, sympathetic.

The special effects struggle to keep up with the shows ambitious scripts. CGI Dinosaurs and shrinking superheroes look passable, but some effects, the monstrous Baron Krieger for example, just look downright bad. I continue to have issues of the presentation of the Waverider. It’s too obvious that the interior is a set and the exterior is CGI. I never feel like where most of the show is taking place exists inside that spaceship.

I still have issues with the way the show contradicts its own rules about time travel, but the story is usually engaging enough to overlook it.

Overall, this season finally begins to hit its stride. There’s a sense of fun and adventure, even though it borders on camp at times. But, these finally united misfit heroes battling well-motivated villains has helped the show come closer to realizing its potential. By the end, I am all in for watching where the Legends go from here.

Season’s best episode: “Legion of Doom” (Episode 10)

Season’s worst episode: “Shogun” (Episode 3)

*** out of *****

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