Movie Review: The Fate of the Furious

By | April 15, 2017

A fun film that can only be enjoyed by ignoring the impossibility of the action sequences and the huge plot holes. The strongest aspect of this film, and the franchise as a whole, is the cast. They have fantastic chemistry. The banter between them is funny, with Dwayne Johnson and Tyrese having some of the best quips. As far as new cast members, Scott Eastwood is a good addition that takes a while to mesh. Charlize Theron is a formidable villain who’s always one step ahead and projects an icy demeanor that lets you know she means business. The action sequences are entertaining. But, there aren’t many standout moments and most of what happens defies reality so bad it’s like watching a cartoon sometimes. Surprisingly, it’s the hand to hand action that’s the best, thanks to action star Jason Statham. (Who also gets a few funny moments throughout the film.) The plot is engaging enough. There are quite a few plot holes and some of the bigger twists are predictable.


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