Movie Review: The Mummy (2017)

By | June 11, 2017

A bland entry to The Mummy franchise, salvaged by the star power of Tom Cruise…kind of. The overall plot is in line with “The Mummy” film from nearly two decades ago. The biggest changes here are the modern setting and the strained attempts to set up the “Dark Universal” monster team-up franchise. For the most part there’s not much harm in this, but it all fizzles out in the end with a lackluster climax. The characters are one-dimensional and forgettable. Cruise does have amazing charisma, but he’s just playing a variant on a characters he’s played dozens of times. A lesser known star portraying a fresh, new character might have created something more memorable. The CGI is passable. Nothing is awe inspiring, yet nothing looks horrible. The biggest Achilles-heel of this film is the lack of suspense. There’s never any moment that the lead characters felt like they were in danger.

** out of *****

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