Movie Review: Baby Driver

An entertaining, if at times shallow, film that moves with nonstop energy. There are some amazing action moments. Most comes from the car chases, but there are also shootouts and foot chase sequences that feature great stunt work. While the action scenes are fantastic, even some of the more mundane moments have a lot of life to them. Cameras circle around people while they talk, and long single take walking scenes brisling with activity in the background. The plot, which isn’t the most original concept, moves briskly. It’s smooth at first, but it gets a bit too convoluted for the finale. While there are good performances from the cast, many character moments lack depth. Everyone is just a bit too quirky and come off cartoony at times. There are a few attempts to delve deeper into some of the characters’ motivations, but they always stop a bit short. The love story works due to the leads’ chemistry, but there seems to be a few pieces missing and they fall for each other a bit too fast. While there are a few candidates for the “main villain,” the one we end up with is a bit of a surprise, and doesn’t resonate as much as the others due to their late attitude change.

*** out of *****

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