My Top 5 Worst Films of 2017

By | December 29, 2017

Once again, I didn’t see movies that looked like crap. So, “Transformers,” “The Emoji Movie,” and “50 Shades Darker” won’t be on this list because I didn’t see any of them. It makes it a lot harder to fill out a “Worst films” list when you avoid garbage. To see my original reviews, click on the link the film’s title.

5. Kong: Skull IslandAction-packed, but filled with underdeveloped characters, while the normally sympathetic Kong is now just a giant action hero.

4. Resident Evil: The Final ChapterA decent story that can’t get past wooden characters, bad acting, mediocre special effects and silly action sequences.

3. Ghost in the ShellStrong visuals can’t cover the uninteresting characters and plodding pace. Action is scarce and disappointingly executed.

2. Atomic BlondeJust drab and boring. None of what makes spy movies good. Nothing intriguing happens. No sexy locales. Characters aren’t interesting. There’s much less action and quirkiness than advertised.

1. The Mummy (2017)Just a bit of a mess. The film wants to be a horror movie, action movie, and the first piece in a monster movie universe. It fails at all. Tom Cruise’s star power elevates the film, but him playing the same character he always plays saps even more originality out of the movie.

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