This is my blog where you can find my comic strip, It Sounded Better in My Head. New strips are posted Monday-Friday, usually around 7 PM.

Once in a blue moon, I post a political strip, “Poll Dancing.” It’s rare, so it should be easy to ignore if you want to avoid politics.

You can also find my movie reviews here…which also usually sound better in my head. I like to keep my movie reviews short and spoiler free. I’m not going to list all the cast members and the characters they play. I figure if you’re reading the review, you pretty much know whose in the movie. I see the films that I want to see. Lots of action films and comedies. Don’t expect to see a “Driving Miss Daisy 2” review from me. And that means I could post a new review every weekend or nothing for a couple months.

Also, here’s how to interpret my ratings:

* Total crap. No redeeming value. I pick the films I see carefully, so this is probably the rarest rating.

** OK. Nothing special.

*** Pretty good. Better than average.

**** Great. Highly recommended. Something that I’ll probably buy on DVD when it comes out.

***** Awesome. Virtually perfect. Must have DVD. My standards are probably too high on this one, making it the second rarest rating.

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