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Movie Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Despite some strong moments, an overall disappointing film. There are many similarities to this movie and “The Empire Strikes Back,” (and also a few major moments in “The Return of the Jedi.”) However, they take what you might be expecting and go a totally different direction. Sometimes this works beautifully, but more often it doesn’t.… Read More »

Movie Review: The Mummy (2017)

A bland entry to The Mummy franchise, salvaged by the star power of Tom Cruise…kind of. The overall plot is in line with “The Mummy” film from nearly two decades ago. The biggest changes here are the modern setting and the strained attempts to set up the “Dark Universal” monster team-up franchise. For the most… Read More »

Movie review: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

An improvement over the last few films in the “Resident Evil” series, but still a bit of a mess. After an awkward start that seems to retcon the finale of the previous film, and some of the overall narrative of the franchise, the movie settles into something more straightforward. There’s an overreliance on jump scares.… Read More »

Movie Review: Sausage Party

Boring characters and a weak story undo a clever concept. This film is essentially “Toy Story,” but with food replacing the toys and constant R-rated humor. However, the characters her are more characterizations and stereotypes as opposed to anything original or interesting. There’s a whiney Jewish bagel and a Spanish taco in the main cast.… Read More »

Movie Review: Independence Day: Resurgence

A twenty-year wait for a sequel to “Independence Day” is rewarded with a weak new chapter that attempts to hide its lack of originality by just making everything bigger. The spaceship is bigger. The alien is bigger. The swath of destruction is bigger. While some of the grand spectacle works, most of it brings nothing… Read More »

Movie Review: Hardcore Henry

A unique concept, filled with almost non-stop action, that overstays its welcome halfway through. As many others have described this film, it is an attempt to replicate first-person action games as a feature-length film. While there are some great action sequences and a few other moments that make good use of this format, there’s not… Read More »

Movie Review: Fantastic Four (2015)

A fairly strong beginning is thrown off course by an odd middle-section, and then finally completely derailed by a weak climax. Early on in the film, we‘re introduced to a nuanced Reed Richards. His friendship with Ben Grimm continues to move the plot along, and then unfortunately Ben is suddenly dropped out of the film… Read More »