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Movie Review: It

A suspenseful (but not quite scary) movie that strongly adapts the first half of the classic Stephen King novel. I’ve never seen the miniseries adaption, so I can’t compare this film to that. However, many years ago I did read the book, and I do remember the gist of it. Unfortunately, this worked against my… Read More »

Movie Review: The Mummy (2017)

A bland entry to The Mummy franchise, salvaged by the star power of Tom Cruise…kind of. The overall plot is in line with “The Mummy” film from nearly two decades ago. The biggest changes here are the modern setting and the strained attempts to set up the “Dark Universal” monster team-up franchise. For the most… Read More »

Movie Review: Alien: Covenant

After a slow start, things suddenly pick up before reaching a suspenseful, but familiar, climax. With the exception of one brief harrowing sequence, the fist portion of this film moves quite slow. While this would be the ideal time for character building, it’s used more for sci-fi imagery. Spacewalks, equipment checks, and tech talk are… Read More »

Movie review: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

An improvement over the last few films in the “Resident Evil” series, but still a bit of a mess. After an awkward start that seems to retcon the finale of the previous film, and some of the overall narrative of the franchise, the movie settles into something more straightforward. There’s an overreliance on jump scares.… Read More »

Movie Review: Carrie (2013)

Nothing really special, and yet another remake that we probably didn’t need. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched the original “Carrie.” I don’t remember much of it, but after watching the new version, I read the plot summery. Basically, there’s little difference between the two films. Aside from the injections of modern technology… Read More »