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Movie Review: Alien: Covenant

After a slow start, things suddenly pick up before reaching a suspenseful, but familiar, climax. With the exception of one brief harrowing sequence, the fist portion of this film moves quite slow. While this would be the ideal time for character building, it’s used more for sci-fi imagery. Spacewalks, equipment checks, and tech talk are… Read More »

Movie Review: Sausage Party

Boring characters and a weak story undo a clever concept. This film is essentially “Toy Story,” but with food replacing the toys and constant R-rated humor. However, the characters her are more characterizations and stereotypes as opposed to anything original or interesting. There’s a whiney Jewish bagel and a Spanish taco in the main cast.… Read More »

Movie Review: This Is the End

Pretty solid comedy. The concept of “real” actors facing the Apocalypse could’ve failed easily, but with the cast of this move, it’s works perfectly. Everybody plays a funny caricature of themselves, with Michael Cera an early standout. There’s a bit of a jarring shift in tone when all Hell breaks loose, which also removes most… Read More »