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TV Review: The Gifted (Season 1)

*This review may contain some spoilers* “The Gifted” starts off grounded, and then slowly transitions into the more well-known X-Men territory. At times, it captures much of what makes the X-Men film and comic books great. But it is hurt by occasional lacks of direction and operating on a television budget. The story takes a… Read More »

TV Review: Runaways (Season 1)

*This review may contain some spoilers* This show has a strong concept, and shows signs of making something great out of it, but there’s too much time wasted going nowhere and setting up season two. I have not read the “Runaways” comic books, but I know the general concept: A group of high school friends… Read More »

TV Review: The Punisher (Season 1)

*This review may contain minor spoilers* Season one of The Punisher is easily the least superhero-like Marvel Netflix show. It’s the most grounded, and that’s what makes it so much more compelling. Aside from Frank Castle’s ability to take a beating and just keep coming, there’s no superhuman abilities on this show. The villains are… Read More »

Marvel’s Inhumans (Season 1)

*This review may contain minor spoilers* This show was almost a complete mess from start to finish. Anything with superheroes/comic book themes will always get the benefit of the doubt from me, but with the high quality of material out there now, this series just did not cut it. Everything seemed low budget and amateurish.… Read More »

TV Review: Agents of SHIELD (Season 4)

*Contains spoilers* This show has improved every season, and the latest is some of the best TV this year. Great acting, top-notch special effects, and three distinct story “pods” all contribute to creating a fantastic, and thankfully not final, season. The opening pod, subtitled “Ghost Rider” features the Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider. While… Read More »

TV Review: Legion (Season 1)

Fantastic show, with unique characters and a lot of quirks. This series has an abundance of style and substance. But the style is what sets it apart. 1960’s inspired deco, unexpected musical selections and the occasional dance number allow the more mundane moments to shine. The plot actually follows a fairly typical comic book narrative.… Read More »

TV Review: Iron Fist (Season 1)

**Some spoilers in this review** This show takes a long time to find its footing, and even then, may only appeal to Marvel Comics and martial arts fans. The series just doesn’t clearly define what it is about. By the end of the first episode or two of the other Marvel Netflix shows, I could… Read More »

TV Review: Luke Cage (Season 1)

***This review will contain spoilers****   A strong cast, with fleshed-out characters, make up for a uneven plot and a weak second-half  of the season. After being introduced on “Jessica Jones,” Luke Cage returns. Throughout the season, and thanks to an origin story, we finally get to see what makes him tick. Mike Coulter is… Read More »

TV Review: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Season 3)

*Some spoilers included* Another solid season from “Agents of SHIELD,” but there’s always something seemingly holding it back from greatness. Part of the problem is the pacing. The show hurries through some interesting storylines while dragging out others that don’t really payoff. There’s also too many moments where the show tries to inject humor and… Read More »