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TV Review: Gotham (Season 3)

**Contains spoilers** “Gotham” improves yet again by tweaking its characters and moving them closer to the versions that comic fans will recognize, yet it takes steps back as some of the better characters are stripped of their appeal. Probably the character make the biggest progress is Bruce Wayne. His continued training and “no-killing” stance finally… Read More »

TV Review: Arrow (Season 5)

**Contains spoilers** With a revamped Team Arrow, more focused flashbacks and one of “Arrow’s” strongest villains, season 5 breathed new life into the Arrowverse’s flagship series. The biggest change this season was giving Oliver a new group of heroes to fight alongside him. The previously established characters of Curtis Holt and Evelyn Sharp, Mr. Terrific… Read More »

TV Review: The Flash (Season 3)

**Contains spoilers** This season started off with strong possibilities, beginning with an adaption of the popular “Flashpoint” storyline and the anticipated “Invasion” crossover event. While they seemed to miss the mark a bit on the earlier part of the season, the final stretch began to pull things together in time for a solid conclusion. The… Read More »

TV Review: Supergirl (Season 2)

**Contains spoilers** With the move to the CW, “Supergirl” sees some improvements….and takes a few steps back. The biggest loss is Calista Flockhart’s Cat Grant. Due to the show’s filming locations switching from Los Angeles to Vancouver, it was announced that she would be having a reduced role. Ultimately, that meant only appearing in two… Read More »

TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow (Season 2)

*Contains minor spoilers* A major improvement from the lackluster first season, “Legends of Tomorrow” shows signs of becoming one of the better comic book-based shows in its second season. However, it still can’t quite keep from straying into a mess at times.  The overall plot this season is better executed. After a bit of a… Read More »

TV Review: Arrow (Season 4)

*This review contains some spoilers* While improving on last season, this season of “Arrow” hasn’t recaptured the magic from its first two seasons. A lot of steps were taken to move things closer to the comic book version of the characters. Starling City is now Star City, The Arrow is now The Green Arrow. The… Read More »

TV Review: The Flash (Season 2)

*The review contains some spoilers** After the amazing first season, this season had a lot to live up to. When it succeeds, it does spectacular. Unfortunately, there are a lot of missteps.  After teasing Jay Garrick and Earth-2 to end things, we quickly get a taste of things to come. While the “Escape from Earth… Read More »

TV Review: Supergirl (Season 1)

** This review contains spoilers**  A very uneven show that makes some important course corrections early, but never truly finds its footing. The season started with a poor setup. While the Supergirl character was always going to work, everything else seemed like it was bound to fail. The icy boss, the best friend who may… Read More »