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Movie Review: Alien: Covenant

After a slow start, things suddenly pick up before reaching a suspenseful, but familiar, climax. With the exception of one brief harrowing sequence, the fist portion of this film moves quite slow. While this would be the ideal time for character building, it’s used more for sci-fi imagery. Spacewalks, equipment checks, and tech talk are… Read More »

Movie Review: The Fate of the Furious

A fun film that can only be enjoyed by ignoring the impossibility of the action sequences and the huge plot holes. The strongest aspect of this film, and the franchise as a whole, is the cast. They have fantastic chemistry. The banter between them is funny, with Dwayne Johnson and Tyrese having some of the best… Read More »

Movie Review: Kong: Skull Island

A generally entertaining monster movie that tries so hard to be other things that it never succeeds on its on merit. Primarily, this is yet another remake of “King Kong.” However, this time, the story stays on Skull Island. This is also a Vietnam War flick, with vintage helicopters and music from the era played… Read More »

Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

After a slow start featuring lukewarm characters, this film grows on you and pulls you in by the end. The familiar setting of the previous “Harry Potter” films is replaced by 1920’s New York. While there are still some cool visuals in the places of magic throughout the city, none of them come close to… Read More »

Movie Review: Star Trek Beyond

An entertaining, but redundant, third chapter in the new Star Trek film series. While that plot wasn’t bad, it just feels like something they’ve done to death. Kirk and crew must stop a madman bent on mass destruction…which has been the basic plot of all three new “Star Trek” films. It just feels like I’ve… Read More »

Movie Review: Ghostbusters (2016)

Despite all of the negative fan backlash, this is an enjoyable film. While it is not even close to the train wreck that was predicted, this still can’t fill the shoes of the original “Ghostbusters.” The cast is what holds the movie together. The leads are all likable and have good chemistry. There’s even some… Read More »

Movie Review: X-Men: Apocalypse

A generally entertaining, but somewhat flat, film. The plot is just mediocre. Pacing problems aside, there’s just something that never quite clicks with the story. Even though a lot of time is spent introducing the various characters, things still feel rushed. And as the movie continues on, the characterizations don’t get any better. Despite the… Read More »

Movie Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

A tedious build up to the satisfying main event, with some tantalizing hints at what’s to come, create an uneven film that mostly gives what the audience has been waiting for. Even with a two and a half hour running time, there’s just not enough room for everything they wanted to cram into the story.… Read More »